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My love-hate with “car” grocery store carts

Up until I had a kid of my own, I would see a mom struggling to push around these huge grocery carts made over into a huge plastic ugly car…

I had thoughts like…

“poor mom”… “That looks so terribly awkward”…
“Why did they make those so incredibly big and bulky?”
“I bet that thing is swarming with germs”

Then, I vividly remember walking into a new grocery store about 6 months ago and thinking… that is the smallest, cleanest, cutest “kid” cart I have ever seen… maybe it won’t be so bad and I bet Kelvin would like to ride in that cart… and guess what… HE LOVED IT (of course)!

Speaking of that day, Isn’t this the cutest little grocery store monster you have ever seen?

2013-08-30 10.37.13

There is something about having to hold BOTH steering wheels at the same time…

2013-08-30 10.37.20

There is also something about beeping BOTH horns at the same time too…

2013-08-30 10.37.22

Well ever since… we are ruined for grocery store car(t)s now… if he spots one, he is ready to rock and roll and drive that thing… (I just wish it was the cute little clean one we started in because they really are so ugly and bulky and nasty looking).

This is our most recent trip to the grocery store in a slightly different cart (same style of car)

Boy was he excited to ride…

2014-01-04 11.23.01

He pays a lot more attention to the items on the shelf and will call out what he knows, wants and basically everything he sees…

2014-01-04 11.57.57

And there is still something about holding both steering wheels…


And of course going really fast too. He loves the bumps in the parking lot most of all and he will laugh so hard it makes us all laugh too.


For this trip,  Grammy came along and pushed both of the boys all over the store while I got my groceries… he of course LOVED that even more! Him and Grammy are buddies.  She was zooming him around while I unloaded groceries too…

Off they go for another loop as he is yelling  “zooooooom”….


Anyways, these are my current thoughts on the car carts..

“This is terribly awkward to push”

“Why did they make these so incredibly big and bulky?”

“This thing HAS to be swarming with germs”

“Get over it and have fun” (and we usually have a super time as long as we don’t have to wait forever in line… )


So far there has been a lot of hate about the carts, so here is where the love kicks in…

As awkward and nasty as the carts are (or seem), my kid loves them and that is what matters. What is worse than pushing one of these around the store??

A toddler who gets hungry, bored and tired all at the same time which kicks in and begins to whine right when you are needing to focus on your grocery list and grab a couple more things (generally the things that you actually came to the store for and are NOT leaving without)… also kicking in right before you even have a chance to pay for anything (including all the snacks he has already eaten out of the cart that you still need to pay for). PHEW…. So what I love about the carts is the few extra minutes it gives me at the store…. and how the sound effects like “zooooom”, “rchhhhh” and “vroom” are so much more effective and believable when they are actually driving a “car”. The car buys we a few more “whine-free” minutes and that goes a long ways.

But really, I just love love love my boys and if they want to ride in the thing, why not!? I will gladly push them around the store making all kinds of sound effects for them even if people look at me like some strange lady  who’s lost it. Who cares!

Now, driving a mini-van? That is another story that will always end in no.

Happy Day to everyone!


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