2014 · Baby · Stories, Blessings and Humor

Bo the football man

la la la…. hmmm… Just sitting here looking studly in my football gear…

bo ball 1

Oh mom! You scared me! I did not know you were watching me…

hands up

You totally threw me off… Where was I? hmmmm

whats up

Oh yeah…

Mom, I will flatten you and I am so serious right now… It is game time!

bo ball 8

I crack myself up…

bo ball 3

no really…I’m hilarious…

bo ball 2

uh oh… Did you hear that?

bo ball 6


bo ball 9

excuse me… I am so embarrassed!

bo ball 7

anyways… these hands… what do I do with them anyway…

  bo ball 5

Where is dad? We need to talk…

where is dad bo

The end.

Love, Bo


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