2014 · kids · Stories, Blessings and Humor

A boy and his “doggy”

KJ loves his stuffed doggy… I mean LOVES it.

He has really been attached to it lately… let me give you a little glimpse…

This was breakfast a few days ago…

kj dog 8

This was in the car last week as he was about to fall asleep…

kj dog 7

Then yesterday he insisted on taking it outside with him…add 3

…accompanied by his live dog (whom he also loves)

kj dog 1

where the sweet dog took some trips through the dirt…add 1


add 2

Then TODAY at breakfast, this happened…

He wanted a chair for his doggy…

kj dog 2

He fed him…

kj dog 4

He gave him a kiss…

kj dog 3

(then the dogs ear was submerged in milk)

Into the washer it had to go! HAD to go!kj dog 6

He was pretty undone about it at first but got over it and could not wait to get him out of the dryer when it was time…

kj dog 5

and off he goes in a flash…

kj dog 9

Happy Thursday everyone!

Love, Beka (and KJ and his doggy)


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