Happy New Year 2014!

I hope everyone is excited about a new year because I sure am! I speak for myself when I say… It is hard to completely summarize the past year… (as if you would want an exhaustive summary anyways) as well as hard to plan or predict exactly what will happen in the year ahead.  Instead of trying to come up with a long list of things that made 2013 great… dull…exciting… epic or whatever… I came up with a super easy way to handle this dilemma.


Here is a super simple way to tell you about our 2013.


2 – of us (me and my husband) have
0 – (zero) complaints about this past year! We truly had a great year… We had a fun vacation to Colorado, moved to a new rental, Greg got a new and better job and we added
1 – (one) member to our family… our sweet precious son Bo was born In September… Which now gives us 2 incredible sons. Greg and I celebrated our
3 – (3rd) anniversary in June! We are so incredibly blessed!

The reason(s) I am so excited about the year to come is because I know it will be good…great!  I’m not sure what it will bring exactly but that is part of the fun. Planning and setting goals is great… making resolutions and sticking to them is great… but so is also just living life everyday with an expectation of good, living life fully and loving everyday – 🙂 How is that for vague and very wishy-washy?   I do however know that I get to continue being a wife to my wonderful husband and a mommy to my 2 wonderful boys!  What a wonderful “job” I have!


Happy New Year Everyone!


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