A year worth of posts… Ready GO!

I know in my last post I had a lot of jibber-jabber about not really having any goals or anything for 2014 (which sounds kind of bad but hey, why lie? 🙂 ) but I came up with something… (it may seem pretty lofty and almost impossible) but here it is…

I want to have 365 posts on my blog this year… yes I am crazy seeming how I only had a handful of posts for the entire past year… but these do not have to be complete novels, or drawn out thoughts (but that would be ok too) they will at least be a picture and possibly be accompanied by a story, thought or even a single word…but… the idea is to post a lot… so if anyone out there is with me…

Here is to 365 posts this year!

There will be some months or days that have themes, others that are random, but that is to all be worked out in the days, weeks and months to come! And hey, this post counts! YES! I am on my way! Who is with me?! 🙂

hello? anyone there? ok… well see you tomorrow if you are out there!



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