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Mommy Life… a few things I have learned so far!

I have now been a mom for 18 months, and as of a few days ago… 2 months of that has been with two. I have 2 boys, one 19 months and the other 2 months.

Here are a few things that come to mind today that are noteworthy.

  • Sleep is NOT overrated… I don’t care who you are, we all need it.
  • No matter what, you must always have snacks on hand whether in your pocket, purse or car and the closer the better.
  • My car was cleaned out once and it lasted about 10 minutes.
  • Don’t focus on what you are not getting (like sleep) or what you are not able to do (clean, bathe, run out whenever you please) but focus on all you DO have! It really is a blessing to be able to care for little ones.
  • Theoretically, how you sound when you sing does not matter until the age that they can say no… but regardless sing to your babies.
  • When you walk in to the kitchen and see most of the cupboard doors are wide open you can sigh and remember that it is a result of cooking breakfast while holding an infant and playing referee between the dog and toddler (who needed a drink and some cereal earlier than you could get breakfast ready).
  • Finishing your kids food all day and forgetting to make yourself a meal is actually quite normal, right?
  • When all seems quiet and the little ones are asleep, you may only have 10 minutes, so use that time wisely.
  • When you think you don’t need to bring a diaper bag along, the inevitable blowout happens.
  • It is amazing what a shower and a tad of blush will do for your self-esteem.
  • Pay attention to all the “uh-ohs” you hear… that one time you ignore it because the last 20 have been “no big deal” it will be something. But remember to your little one, it may actually be a big deal to them and it is important that they get your attention and hear that “it’s ok”.
  • Be consistent.
  • It is important to listen to your babies cries and learn what they mean.
  • There may at any given time be applesauce on any given object in the house.
  • A dog is imperative in helping with after meal cleanup, just make him stay out of the eating area until after meal time so the kid does not launch food at him on purpose.
  • Follow through with what you say.
  • See above bullet again… it is important. If you tell your kid, “If you jump on the couch one more time, you have to get down” and they look at you and jump again… get them off that couch immediately.
  • Just as soon as you get some cookies in the oven, your baby will wake up with a minute left on the timer and be starving… not every time, but enough to make you wonder why you bake at all… but the reason is because you need cookies… a steady dose of cookies!
  • You always, always hear that you should always, always nap when your baby naps. Do these people have domestic workers to do their laundry, cleaning, cooking, and other chores…and no need for showers?
  • Always take time to be with your kids, the chores will always be there and you can clean later… probably not, but that little smile and hug your little one gives you when you are feeling overwhelmed can go a long ways.  The time you miss with your kids because you just had to get those clothes folded or those dishes in the dishwasher you cannot ever get back (I have to remind myself of this a lot because it is easy to say, but when your dishes are piling up it is hard to do). Take time to listen to them, read to them, tuck them in bed, eat a snack with them, share a meal, go for a walk, take an interest in what they are doing even if it seems pointless or silly…
  • Baby wipes are for so much more than a little tushie… or  face, hands, arms, and legs but also are miraculous household wipes when you are in a pinch for some quick clean-up – walls, counters, windows, fridge and more :)… like that applesauce I mentioned earlier.
  • Everyday may not go exactly like you plan it to… it actually may never go how you plan it to, but again look for the beauty in each day and don’t over-plan each day… it gets pretty disappointing at the end of the day when you do nothing you had “planned”.
  • Don’t be surprised if the look at you like you are crazy for offering a certain food that they could not get enough of the day before… but for some reason want nothing to do with it today.
  • Sometimes handing them your phone can buy a few minutes in many situations.

That is a start and I realize there is so much more to learn but a few of those were on my mind today and I added what else flowed out as I camped at the computer for a few minutes

I will leave you with this picture that just tugs at my heart strings! My two precious boys bonding on the couch…  but it was really the 2 seconds I had before big squished little with the intent of just giving him a kiss.



2 thoughts on “Mommy Life… a few things I have learned so far!

  1. Oh my, I loved this so much!!! I’m making applesauce today (remember when we made sauce?) and I’m prepping myself to be okay with it smeared all over my house next year, haha.

    You are such an awesome momma! I love reading about your adventures & thoughts on parenting! Keep em’ coming!

    1. Hi Laura!! Yes, making sauce was such a blast… I wish we could do that every year!! 🙂 I am so excited for you guys as you will start the journey of being parents soon!! Wish we could hang out!!

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