Holiday · Seasonal

Happy Thanksgiving!

How many posts are there today just like this one? About being thankful for such and such or this and that… I have no idea of course but that won’t stop me from adding to the thankfulness spirit of the day because today, I am truly thankful and overjoyed. I believe everybody is thankful for something at some point, even the most negative or ungrateful of people. It is important for me to look at each day and find something that I can be thankful for… because there is always something…always. Since it is Thanksgiving it is for some reason easier to be thankful… even when we may not normally be open to see what we actually are thankful for. Our lives are busy and we can easily overlook all the things we are blessed with and focus on what is not going our way or things we would like to change. So a challenge today is to not only be thankful for what we have but what is to come. I thought about making a list of all the things I am thankful for but as the day goes on I am not really “feeling it” I guess… I instead am going to just have a thankful spirit and enjoy today to the fullest and reflect on all we have…the list is never-ending. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


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