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The day we got a pumpkin…

Wahoo… we went to the pumpkin patch today!

I love getting out in the beautiful fall weather and something like this is right up my alley!

pumpkin 6

Kelvin is not quite old enough to really get out and do all the activities yet and obviously Bo isn’t either but we still had fun! We really just set out on a pumpkin journey…

took a few pictures…

of which Kelvin was over before we started because it was nap time 🙂

pumpkin 2pumpkin 3pumpkin

… went for a little wagon ride

pumpkin 8

… took a few more pictures

pumpkin 4

pumpkin 5

…and then got our pumpkin! Kelvin loved this part… We actually get to take it with us! 🙂 He rested his feet on it and pat it the  whole way to the car.

pumpkin 7

The end!



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