Fall · kids

Family Photo… Attempt

Now that our newest addition has arrived – we (ok, I) wanted to get an updated family photo! So off to the park we went with our personal photographer (my mom) with high hopes of getting a super great picture that HEY, may even be a good Christmas card!

Well… it is not very easy to get little ones (or big ones) to look at the camera, pose, hold still, and smile… all of those at the same time – COMBINED with at the same time as each other!  Well, Bo I knew would not do that as he is just a few weeks old for goodness sake! But, maybe he would be awake at least… anyways – here is what we ended up with!SONY DSC

SONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSCHey, nothing outstanding, but I just love our little family and it is nice to have a shot of us at least!  My favorite one is the daddy/son shot! 🙂

Maybe next time, or next year, or next decade we can all be posed and looking at the camera at the right time, not be hungry or tired or “so over these pictures”!

Thanks mom for being so patient and taking our pictures on this lovely fall day!


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