10 Things I LOVE About Fall…

I just LOVE fall…

but I also love the other seasons, too but all for different reasons.

Lets talk fall for the moment though – because it is here and lovely!

Ten reasons that I love fall (in no particular order):

1. Pumpkin anything:

No food says fall to me quite like pumpkin! For the sake of not typing pumpking a million times, insert pumpkin before each of the following words…

  • pancakes
  • bread
  • muffins
  • waffles
  • Dutch baby
  • pie
  • cake
  • coffee cake
  • seeds
  • bars
  • cupcakes
  • cookies
  • cheesecake
  • custard
  • and more!
  • I also just like pumpkins… for decor or food or just whatever!

2. Cooler Weather:

  • I love the fresh cool air combined with the warm intense sun on clear sunny days! You just can’t beat it!

3. Warm up to the “Holidays”:

  • It seems like you can start to enjoy different parts of the Holidays without having to do much… not time for the hustle and bustle quite yet, but it is right around the corner!

4.  Color:

  • The color of the leaves changing just sets my sail. When you combine this with the weather mentioned above it is just golden!


5. Soup:

  • The chilly evenings mixed with it getting dark earlier is perfect soup weather! I love many kinds of soup… chili, potato soup, chicken noodle soup and more!

6. People are outside:

  • It seems that a lot of people really get out and enjoy the fall. The summer heat has ended, yet winter is coming so people know they better get out while they can and enjoy the beautiful days!
  • Also I like fall festivals and the good ol’ pumpkin patch! A great place to see lots of people outside enjoying the great outdoors!

7.  Hot beverages:

  • They  just taste so good when the weather starts to cool off!

8. Wardrobe:

  • I love jeans weather… seems like the fall you need just a jacket maybe but you don’t need a heavy coat quite yet which is great! I love just simple layers and not having to struggle to stay warm OR cool!

9. Wood Stoves:

  • I love when people get their fires going to stay warm! It smells so good! I could do without the smoke fests though… just the smell of wood burning without the smoke really! 🙂

10.  Adding an extra blanket to the bed

  • This is probably an odd one, but so true! I like to snuggle under about 10 blankets. My poor husband!

I hope this finds you enjoying fall for whatever reasons you have! 🙂 You can always feel free to share back!


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