Prime time baby time!

Our new sweet boy is finally here! In fact, he is one week old already! Today is actually his due date, so he was born exactly one week early.

Meet Bo!
8 lbs, 14 oz
20.5″ long

bo 3

bo 1

bo 2

   bo 4

We are doing very well even with feeling pretty exhausted! The new little man is a very sweet and content baby! Of course he cries some… all babies do! 🙂  So far, his crying has seemed to upset his big brother… he has delivered pacifiers to him (once a handful at once), offered his milk or snack, wanted to be held or just flat out cried too! I think they will be best buds before too long! It will be a while until they can play, but once they can at least interact with each other sparks will fly! 🙂 We are so excited that our new addition is here and feel so blessed to all  be so healthy!

Here is to him figuring out that sleeping at night is way better!


more soon… I have some blogs in my head, just need to get them typed!


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