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Operation Baby Countdown: “Behind the Freezer Door”

There are just a couple days left until our 2nd sweet baby boy enters the world and I am super excited… And working on some last-minute things to be more ready (if I can ever really be completely ready)! I thought it would be best to take note of everything in my freezer because it would be easy to forget what on earth I stashed when I am sleep deprived. Anyways, I made my list and am sharing it with you – I feel so transparent right now! 🙂

Here we go… “Behind the freezer door” (in a very dramatic tone if you will)

Freezer 1: Kitchen (very unorganized at the moment)

2013-09-25 17.24.51

  •  2 ice-cube trays
  • 3 quart size bags of pancakes
  •  1 loaf of great harvest Dakota bread
  •  2 loaves of Dave’s killer bread
  •  1 loaf of zucchini prairie bread
  •  1 loaf of pumpkin cream cheese bread
  •  1 gallon size bag of chili
  •  1 gallon size of raspberries
  •  Chicken nuggets for Kelvin
  •  12 individual size packs of guacamole
  •  1 gallon size bag of blueberries
  •  1 gallon size bag of mixed berries
  •  1/2 gallon vanilla Tillamook ice cream
  •  12 pumpkin waffles
  •  12 banana waffles
  •  3 small bags of raw chicken breasts
  •  some pastry sheets that I should probably throw out since they have been in there a year

Freezer 2: Garage

2013-09-25 17.26.58

2013-09-25 17.27.04

  • 4 salmon planks
  •  2 gallon size bags of chicken pesto pasta bake
  •  2 gallon size bags of sliced blanched peaches
  •  1 gallon size bag of blueberries
  •  1 gallon size bag of rotisserie chicken
  •  2 gallon size bags of seasoned Italian beef
  •  2 pints of Ben and Jerry’s Ice cream
  •  3 quart size bags of seasoned taco beef
  •  1 quart size bag plain ground sausage
  • 1 partially eaten gallon size bag of yummy cookies (these don’t last any time at all)
  •  6 quart size bags of Greg’s veggie bake
  •  7 quart size bags of cooked ground beef
  •  3 quart size bags of cooked Italian sausage and beef
  •  2 gallon size bags of spaghetti bake
  •  1 gallon size bag of cooked spaghetti meat

There we have it! Hopefully that will do for a little bit! Talk to you again another day! Maybe next time, I can blog about a new sweet boy! 🙂


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