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The one and only “Loaded Omelet”

The last few days of food prep allowed me to also get the ingredients ready for one of our very favorite breakfasts.  This is always a winner with Greg, I just wish that I could make it much more for him… It is hard to do lately (I say lately, but really mean for the past several months) with a little one almost running around and one baking in the oven.  I do good to get some dishes done it feels like, let alone create big healthy meals that require a lot of prep.  Anyways, so this morning we had quite a treat – and will tomorrow morning too because I made enough for two mornings – thank goodness!

This Omelet of course has eggs and cheese, but also sautéed onion, sweet peppers, and mushroom with fresh sliced tomato and spinach and in this case, black forest ham – but is also super with bacon or sausage. It is amazing how versatile the lovely omelet is! One of our favorites like I mentioned already… and it leaves you feeling full and oh-so-satisfied!

Here she is… or he if you give your food a gender. I guess I really don’t because that would be kind of weird.


Have a super great day today everyone! Hopefully I can get a little more done over the next few days and be able to share it with you soon!


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