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Operation Baby Countdown: Freezer Meals: Part 4 {Greg’s veggie bake thing}

This is a larger post because I have a few days of production although it does not seem like I have much to add to the freezer after all the work! I made Greg a dish for the freezer while doing prep for our favorite breakfast dish and… I  also put a rotisserie chicken in the freezer to be ready to be used in a future recipe.

The freezer meal that I completed today is going to be especially for Greg.  He is not a big pasta guy but it is really because of the noodles – he typically likes everything else about pasta dishes… the cheese, meat, veggies and sauce…. so I have come up with a dish that he really likes with everything but the noodles. I substitute spaghetti squash for the noodles.  I am not exactly sure what to call it and it does not have an official recipe because it is a little different each time I make it depending on the ingredients that I have on hand.

This particular dish has the following ingredients and we will call it: Greg’s Veggie Bake Thing (pretty innovative, I know)

  • spaghetti squash (2)
  • onion
  • carrot
  • zucchini squash
  • sweet peppers
  • mushroom
  • spinach
  • mozzarella cheese
  • ricotta cheese
  • marinara sauce
  • ground beef
  • Italian ground sausage
  • Italian seasoning
  • salt and pepper

I spread this process out over 3-4 days I believe which is a little sad, but I never had a chunk of time long enough to hammer it all out.

Day 1: I purchased all my fresh ingredients, then came home and did not get too far on anything in terms of productive-ness!

Day 2:  I washed and chopped all my veggies today and my food processor came in super handy for this because I had such a large  quantity to do.    While I was at it I also processed extra onion, sweet peppers and mushrooms for a breakfast omelet that we love.   The only downside is that our house smelled of onion all day and night! It is probably best to go ahead and cook these bad boys!

Day 3: I cooked all of my meat and veggies today! Finally getting somewhere! The house smells of food – very much so and I am having onion dreams. They are going to come get me I think. I have Greg’s Veggie Bake ingredients sautéing on the left and our special omelet ingredients sautéing on the right!


Day 4: I assembled the dish – finally!

I got out a huge bowl and stirred my meat and veggies together…


then added some salt, pepper and Italian seasoning…


followed by some good ol’ marinara sauce…

and gave it a good stir…


then piled on some mozzarella… yummm


then added some ricotta but I must have forgotten to snap a pic – oh well, you get the idea!

Then I got my bags ready…


…and stuffed them! I kept about 1/3 of the dish separate and put it in a glass baking dish for Greg to eat tonight.

So here we have my rotisserie chicken, and Greg’s Veggie Bake Things all ready to travel to the freezer! 🙂


We will see you back here another time and another day!

Have a good one!


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