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Operation Baby Countdown: Freezer Meals: part 1

Well, time is winding down until our second sweet little boy joins us! Now that I have been through it, and after already having a C-section I know that I will be out of commission {somewhat} for a little while – or at least sleep deprived and not feeling overly zealous about creating meals unless it is pouring a bowl of cereal! It really helps to have food prepped and ingredients on hand of course, but I thought to myself… if only I could have some meals already MADE, that would help us all out – especially my husband who eats like a high-schooler going through an extreme growth spurt while going through football “triples” who is not overly zealous ever about cooking. So I continue my thinking which turns into making lists and starting to plan this out!  First things first, where am I going to put the food that I make (if I manage to make any)? So I instantly plead to my husband that we need to buy a spare fridge/freezer for the garage.

After a little convincing he said yes. Love him!

I found a smoking deal on a basic fridge at Lowes a few weeks ago… now I am ready!

here is the beauty… I mean just look at it!


I made a list of basic things that we like combined with what I thought would freeze ok… combined with what we would be likely to want to eat when the time comes…. I figured it would not be a good time to try totally new things or completely experiment.

Here is my first draft of food ideas:

  • Spaghetti
  • some kind of chicken dish – probably a pesto pasta bake thingy (great name, I know)
  • Vegetable Bake (my husbands favorite)
  • Chili
  • Tortilla Soup
  • waffles
  • pancakes
  • cooked ground beef (this way I could have it ready for a variety of dishes like tacos etc. and would just need to season it.
  • cooked ground beef/Italian sausage blend. Perfect for Italian dishes we like – especially homemade pizza!
  • cookies (definitely need these)

Maybe I will come up with some more if I can tackle some of these in the next few weeks.

So, wish me luck in my endeavor to be more prepared for when baby two comes! Of course I need to mention that we have wonderful family in the area and a lot of support of which we are so thankful for! I told my mom what I was planning and she asked if I thought she was going to let us starve! Of course not! When our first was born, she flew all the way to Florida to stay with us and ended up staying about two weeks and fed us like royalty all week! She can throw together a masterpiece of a meal in a flash!

More updates soon! I will try to tell you what I do and learn as I go and how things actually turn out! 🙂


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