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Where have the last 16 months gone?

Our beautiful baby boy is already 16 months old, and not so baby anymore!

I cannot believe it! Seems like just a few weeks ago we were bringing him home from the hospital… but then I realize that is not true of course! Looking back we have done quite a bit since he was born.

He is such a sweet boy and is really starting to develop more of his personality and spunk. We don’t know everything about him yet and may never, but there are definitely things we know to be true of him on this very day!

      • He loves to play!  He really focuses in on certain tasks and likes to create activities for himself, like putting smaller objects into larger ones, or attempting to fit larger objects into or on top of smaller things for example.
      • He loves the water… which includes the bath, pool, a puddle, water hose, dog water, bird bath, a glass of water – really anything! He is really loving swim lessons. We get to go be in the water, play and sing silly songs, who does not love that? He is taking swim lessons that that has been really fun!

2013-08-19 19.44.03-2

      • He loves mommy and daddy but so far seems a little more attached to mommy. He follows me around like he is velcroed to my leg or hip (since he loves to be held and carried around still and at nearly 30 lbs, he is a load! He loves when daddy gets home from work though because they play a lot and wrestle – boy things!
      • He loves our dog – he points at him and barks, wants to feed him everything, share his toys, and it is not common for him to try to turn him into a jungle gym! He will also crawl under the bed where the dog is trying to find refuge and lay by him. Needless to say I have to monitor him around the dog most of the day.
      • He can say quite a few words now: done, cheese, Josh (uncle Josh and him have a special bond with cheese… Mainly cheese-its), pa-pa, ruff, baby, and of course ma-ma and da-da but really will shout a clear “MOM” that makes us all laugh…. I think we have added up that he can say about 25 words that are understandable to us and seems like daily he is sounding out  new words and sounds! I just love his little voice!
      • He loves books now – took a while it seems like, but now he will follow me around with a book or 4 saying “BOOK, BOOK, READ”!

2013-07-24 11.56.24

      • He is on the go… a walker and getting better and more coordinated by the minute it seems like! I think his brain is running though because he gets ahead of himself quite quickly!
      • He is a soon-to-be big brother – not too much longer… we are looking at about 5-6 weeks and wow is it starting to go fast!
      • He loves to eat… and is a big snacker! I have a fruit freak on my hands… his favorites are blueberries and watermelon but all other berries are right there close seconds. He loves cheese and yogurt too! He is really good about trying most things. He loves when Greg sits down with a protein shake – he will really drink a lot of it if he is given the chance! He drinks milk like a champ too…

2013-08-09 08.45.11

Eating at probably our favorite restaurant ever!

2013-07-28 12.26.41

      • He has a bubbly personality and is constantly smiling, laughing and well… flirting!
      • He  is very sweet and snuggly but also is developing a strong stubborn will as well! I wonder where he got that! 🙂

2013-07-30 09.12.02

Here he is sitting in the infant car seat I just washed for baby brother on the way… he looks enormous! 2013-08-05 10.48.02

So thankful for our sweet little boy and excited to see what is ahead for him! I am constantly on my toes though and get next to nothing done most days, but I would not trade it for a pristine clean house or days all to myself for anything!

He is such a hoot!

Have a great day!


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