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Happy 4th of July (on July 5th)

Our 4th of July was super! We spent most of the day at Crater Lake National Park  before returning home for a feast of a BBQ at my parents house.  The guys rode their bikes around the rim of the lake while us gals spent time with the little guy. We walked around, soaked up some sun and then had a nice pic-nic!

Beautiful, Crater Lake…


Here is our little family of 4 – of which 3 are visible! 🙂

fam shot

As for the food… I made a few festive things for today..

red, white and blue bark

This was really super simple! Broken up Oreos and pretzels…

bark 1

…covered in white chocolate with festive sprinkles of course…

bark 0

…then topped with red and blue M&Ms


then of course were some festive cookies…

I mixed up a regular sugar cookie dough, rolled it out with some pretty sprinkles…


cut out stars…


and baked them!


They did not really turn out too well because my kitchen was entirely too hot! Who decides to bake when it is 95 outside and 84 inside? My kitchen was just too warm for the cookie dough to stay cool and hold its shape. Oh well, better next time maybe! 🙂

I also made thiss pastry fruit pizza thingy with a pecan crust of which I was not super pleased with either (see excuse above about a hot kitchen of which this time probably worse as I was trying to work with pastry!) as it was not even supposed to be baked in a pan… but individual personal size squares! Better next time? Maybe! 🙂

pastry tart thing

Also I thought that we just HAD to have watermelon stars on the 4th of July!

melon stars

So far it looks like all we feasted on dessert… yes and no!  It was spread out during the day. For our BBQ we had chicken, steak strips, corn on the cob, pasta salad, deviled and more!

I hope your 4th was awesome and this finds you staying cool! Now I need to go put a little aloe on my shoulders since I was preoccupied making sure my son did not get burnt, I got a few shades too much sun!


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