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Happy Mothers Day!

This marks MY second mothers day!  It was a lot different from last year for sure… last year my little one was barely one month old,  I was un-rested, overwhelmed, living in Florida and full of milk! This year was very different, I felt more like a mom (if that makes any sense at all)… I get full nights of rest at least and we are living in Oregon now… I was also able to appreciate my mom even more and realize how special it really is to be a MOM! It truly is a blessing and I am so very thankful for the opportunity to be a mom! If I would have known how special being a mom is before, I think I would have made mothers day more special for my mom! 🙂 Anyways… I hope this mother’s day finds all you moms extra loved and appreciated (especially YOU, mom!)

This was me and my little boy last year on mother’s day… He was just about  one month old

MD 2012 first year

and  here we are this year (one year later)… he has really really grown!! He has no idea he is going to be a big brother though… 😉 It is special knowing that next mothers day I will have two little ones to tote around with me!


He is my sweet, sweet boy and so far a “mamma’s boy” for sure

SONY DSCThis is me and MY mom! (It is ALSO her Birthday TODAY! 🙂 )


…and here is our happy little family!

MD 2013

Happy Mother’s Day!


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