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month 12: monkey picture

I still can’t believe Kelvin turned one yesterday…. so unreal! So now I get to post another monkey picture! I think I will do another one around 15 months maybe… not every month don’t worry… I am thinking 15 months, 18 months then each birthday after that… we will see! For the past 11 months of photos, click right, here! 🙂

month 12:

such a silly boy we have! He is full of giggles as usual!


… and is an escape artist!


I should have waited for daddy to get home before attempting pictures!


I was not sure if I would get anything useable or not…


…then he decided to sit still for one split second!


not a great smiling picture, but hey – this is for size comparison, right!? 🙂

So, check out his 0 month photo again… he seemed so tiny even though he started out so big!


We are head over heels for this sweetie pie!

Until next time, have fun!

Love, Beka


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