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We have a birthday boy!

The day has arrived! It is Kelvin’s very first birthday and boy am I excited!


He has no idea what is going on and does not yet know what birthdays are all about, but we had such a fun day! I stayed up last night and did most of the decorating while he was fast asleep so he would wake up to a surprise (again, even if he has no idea what is going on and won’t remember a thing about it!) and because otherwise it is too hard to accomplish much with a little guy on my hip.

It is a very special day! Due to helium shortage and having a ton of tulle in our craft pile, I decided to just hang all the balloons around the room… thank you Greg for staying up and so graciously donating so much of your air supply! Kelvin really seems to love animals (or at least I do and think he does) so I went with cute jungle animals! Birthday items and decor can be very expensive so I made everything myself since we don’t currently have the budget for extravagance… I ordered a few graphics online and had everything printed at Costco! Pretty rough overall, but we had a blast and it is all about the little guy anyways!

Here is some of the decor the night before…lots of hanging balloons and animals!


and here is the sweet birthday boy getting in his last night before he is officially a 1 year old! I just love sneaking into his room and seeing him rest – just so precious to see a sweet baby sleep! Who does not love a sleeping baby?

night before first bday

So here we are, birthday-day! Greg went and got Kelvin when he woke up and walked him all around to take it all in… He LOVED it and was just in awe!

We had a little family party this evening to celebrate…

I made him a healthy smash cake… of which I should post the recipe for you one day because it turned out pretty good and he liked it… really he ate more of the frosting which was whole fat, plain Greek yogurt with a little bit of cream cheese whipped up. The cake was only applesauce, bananas, whole wheat flour and some leavening… pretty simple and easy and not too bad tasting either. Of course if you have had real deal cake you may not exactly prefer, but perfect for a 12 month old.

I snapped this picture while he was napping… almost party time!


It is super close to party time now, little man is up and ready!


Fast forward to cake time…

It took a few minutes for him to figure it out…

meanwhile he was just smiling at everybody as he poked his cake.

cake time

oh and the awesome presents of which he loved! He could not quite figure out what to do, what to play with and how to act… he was just over-joyed at all the fun surrounding him!

 He loved them all!


a very fun special day for a very special little boy!


goodnight birthday boy! Maybe, just maybe he will sleep in tomorrow….?




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