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month 10: monkey picture

I cannot believe that in just two months I will have a  ONE year old! How can this be? The last 10 months have gone fast… I know, I know that is exactly what everybody has told me, but still!

He seems to change daily to me… what he does, learns etc.  He is pulling himself up on everything, has 7 teeth, absolutely loves to play, tells us all kinds of stories with his own adorable gibberish, and laughs a lot.  We have one sweet, very happy boy!

He is 10 months old today! If you would like the history of the  “Monkey Posts” click here.


He has figured out the monkey… it is so difficult for him to sit still and he ends up in a laugh attack and attempts to dive off the chair… I do not understand how other parents get these perfectly posed pictures of their little ones on chairs… he won’t sit still for a flash!




but he is still oh-so-precious!


and why not a picture of the dog with the monkey! He was a little weirded out, but got over it!


stay tuned for month 11 in approximately one month! 🙂


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